Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In the long list of things to do, blogging has apparently taken a back seat…

It happens every year – summer arrives like the surprise of an unexpected guest. During the visit, there’s a lot of good food, laughter, outside activities, time to kick back and relax. And before this pace of life becomes too much of a habit, it is time to say goodbye to summer vacation and settle back into a more structured routine.

I don’t regret this. In fact, I’ve always thought of September as the start of the New Year - more so than January. This is most likely due to having kids in school and planning around that calendar, but I always feel recharged as autumn inches closer.

This summer has been punctuated with music. We’ve had the good fortune to see several bands that we really love, and in most instances, shared the experience with the kids. I hope it encourages them to seek out musical experiences when they head out on their own. Like my addiction to knitting, music is another multi-sensory experience. It gets under your skin and becomes part of you. Some of the work I do requires quiet, but when I’m putting color to fiber, music is just another layer of inspiration. I hope you take time in your day to listen to an old favorite, or try something new. (Our local station - Exit 97.7 is one of the best around – just sayin’…)

With autumn approaching, that means more yarn and more shows. There’s a lot of new yarn on our website and at The Spinning Room in Altamont.  We will be in Oneida, NY during the weekend of 9/8-9/9, and at Interweave Knitting Lab in Manchester, NH from 10/4-10/7.  Further details can be found on our Events page. Should your travels take you anywhere near these venues, please stop by and say hello!

Happy end of Summer!

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