Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is it really December 12?

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with my favorite comedy series, “Doomsday Preppers”, but it has been a source of great entertainment for my 14 year old son.  His quip when we happened upon this program - “Mom’s worst nightmare would be a world without wool – guess that’s why she stockpiles it.”  Little does he know how much there really is...

We've had a very busy fall season, and it’s unsettling to have the winter holidays knocking on the door.  Perhaps they would like to sit in the waiting area until I’m ready to deal with them.  In the meantime, I’d like to express my thanks for your patronage, support and enthusiasm.  It’s been a wonderful year and we’re looking forward to 2013 – new yarns, new colors, and even some designs! 

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous season, and health and happiness to ring in 2013!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In the long list of things to do, blogging has apparently taken a back seat…

It happens every year – summer arrives like the surprise of an unexpected guest. During the visit, there’s a lot of good food, laughter, outside activities, time to kick back and relax. And before this pace of life becomes too much of a habit, it is time to say goodbye to summer vacation and settle back into a more structured routine.

I don’t regret this. In fact, I’ve always thought of September as the start of the New Year - more so than January. This is most likely due to having kids in school and planning around that calendar, but I always feel recharged as autumn inches closer.

This summer has been punctuated with music. We’ve had the good fortune to see several bands that we really love, and in most instances, shared the experience with the kids. I hope it encourages them to seek out musical experiences when they head out on their own. Like my addiction to knitting, music is another multi-sensory experience. It gets under your skin and becomes part of you. Some of the work I do requires quiet, but when I’m putting color to fiber, music is just another layer of inspiration. I hope you take time in your day to listen to an old favorite, or try something new. (Our local station - Exit 97.7 is one of the best around – just sayin’…)

With autumn approaching, that means more yarn and more shows. There’s a lot of new yarn on our website and at The Spinning Room in Altamont.  We will be in Oneida, NY during the weekend of 9/8-9/9, and at Interweave Knitting Lab in Manchester, NH from 10/4-10/7.  Further details can be found on our Events page. Should your travels take you anywhere near these venues, please stop by and say hello!

Happy end of Summer!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ah, technology

Just wanted to let you know that we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the website while we are making changes.  We're still here - email, Etsy shop - all good.  Hoping to be back to normal sooner rather than later.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Winding into Summer

The theory of relativity has hit me full force – time does indeed go by more quickly the older you get… 

We had a great time at the CNY Fiber Festival a week ago!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by.  It’s wonderful to be able to spend a few minutes in conversation and your enthusiasm is much appreciated.  And special thanks to Andrea who knit a beautiful shawlette from one of our sock yarns (see detail of the lace above).  She generously suggested I borrow it back to display, and it received many compliments over the weekend!

Now it’s back to the routine.  I’ll be teaching some spinning classes at The Spinning Room in Altamont this summer.  And Battenkill Fiber Mill is working on a small artisan batch of yarn for us as I write this.  Dyeing will resume shortly.  Our next shows will be in central NY in September, and at Interweave Knitting Lab in New Hampshire in October.  We’re very excited about extending the range of our travels.  More details to come.

I'll leave you with this - I ran into a spinner/knitter friend at our community center recently.  She’d come in with her family to watch the basketball game following my son’s.  Her husband looked at me and said “Are you another one of those knitter’s?”  When I answered yes, he said “Boy, you folks are everywhere…”

We are, aren’t we!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And now back to the yarn...

Uh oh! Blogging has taken a back seat lately. Suffice it to say I think cloning is an awesome idea and I’d like to buy in on that action.

So here’s the latest –

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello at the Sheep & Wool Showcase at Clermont. It was a beautiful day and the rains held off until the event was over. We appreciate your support!

The latest addition to our yarn line, “Stone Soup” was very popular. Locally sourced and spun, it’s the epitome of “buy local”. A sampling is on the website, the full spectrum can be seen at the CNY Fiber Festival in Bouckville, NY on June 9-10. This is a great event where the friendly and relaxed atmosphere make it a great place to connect with other fiber lovers.

There is nothing like the “in person” experience. Being able to see and touch yarns and fibers, have a conversation, learn something about what went into the process… I hope you have the opportunity to attend one of the many fiber festivals scheduled this year. (For a comprehensive listing, please visit Knitter’s Review here.)

If you’re interested in more information about our yarns and where we’ll be this year, please “Like” us on Facebook (PeaceLoveYarn).

Enjoy the lengthening daylight hours and all the outdoor activities this time of year brings!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Foggy With a Chance of Clarity

Our landscape was overtaken by fog so quickly that I barely had a chance to take this image.  We were engulfed in the pea-soup variety in under a minute, then it raced off to blanket another nearby hill.  I was struck by its swiftness, which then made me think how quickly the month of January has passed.

My trip to Vogue Knitting Live was 2 weeks ago, and I enjoyed being part of The Yellowfarm & Company's booth.  It was great to see so many KRR friends, and thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello!  I've been planning for upcoming fiber shows, teaching a spinning class at The Spinning Room, and pondering colorways for our newest yarn "Stone Soup".  This yarn is a 50/50 blend of light grey Romney and white alpaca - spun for us by Battenkill Fibers in Washington County, using locally sourced fiber.  This line will be rolling out online in the next couple of weeks.

It's been a very mild winter for us up to this point.  Each day that passes is a day closer to spring.  I'm looking forward to the emerging colors, and am trying to devise a way to make the most pleasant moments of the day linger.  All relative, as Einstein would say.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On The Road!

This weekend, I’ll be heading to NYC to Vogue Knitting Live where I’ll be selling my handpainted yarns at the Yellowfarm & Company’s booth in the Marketplace. The booth (1016-1018) is on the first level, near the Yarn Tasting lounge. I’m really excited to have this time to meet with people, talk fiber, and spend time with friends.   Peace, Love & Yarn will be offering fingering weight yarns in a rainbow of color, great for socks or (my favorite) lace!

There will also be a teaser of our new DK weight yarn.  This has been in the works for a while and we're really thrilled with the result.  Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, NY has custom spun a blend of 50% alpaca/50% wool for us - all fibers sourced locally.  This line is called "Stone Soup", for my favorite folktale, in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - a perfect analogy for this yarn.

Our new offerings tie in with the focus of the Yellowfarm's theme of "Local".  Virginia owns the Yellowfarm and raises prize-winning Wensleydale and Teeswater sheep.  Locks, roving and yarns from the farm will be in abundance.  Cece raises of flock of Jacob sheep and has created beautiful hats (and kits) using lockspun yarns created from the fibers of her own sheep and from Virginia's flock as well.  She will be demonstrating spinning throughout the weekend.  And there will be other goodies as well...

We hope to keep the “Buy Local” spirit alive and well. Small farms, fiber mills, indie dyers and artisans of all types rely on the connections we make locally and out on the road to sustain our businesses.

 Please stop by to say hello if you’re attending this event - we'd love to meet you!  And you never know what new things we can add to your fiber addiction!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Trip Around The Sun

This is our barn kitty, Mr. Fluff.  He has been with us for 6+ years, and has taken the leap this past fall to venture into the house for 5 minutes at a time.  This is big stuff, considering his first visit indoors a few years ago ended with him trying to climb up the curtains and escape out the (closed) window.  As the winter goes on, I'm sure the visits will lengthen, and he may even come to appreciate the overwhelming heat warmth of the woodstove. 

I never thought I was a cat person, but I am.  Some would consider cats aloof, but I prefer to think of their attitude as the pinacle of independence - everything on their terms.  My goal for 2012 is to move out of my own comfort zone, in my own quiet way - to dare to do things and not overthink the results.  I'm taking inspiration from one of my favorite poems, "Fog" by Carl Sandburg:

THE fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

May your New Year be filled with peace, happiness and health!