Monday, November 28, 2011


I continue to be amazed how the time between Halloween and the New Year seems to go by at warp speed.  A week ago, I had the good fortune to attend Knitter's Review Retreat (again!).  I am grateful to have had this weekend away - it's the right mix of leisure and learning, with good food and fabulous conversation.  A special thanks to my mom who was able to entertain Alex, Alison and Pepper (the dog) while I travelled westward.  Bob had last minute travel plans, so this was extremely helpful.

Thanksgiving was low key - just the four of us at home, picking through the afternoon on the way to dinner.  Is it a terrible thing that my favorite part of the day was the brie en croute (which I seem to have consumed the lion's share of?)  I spent the balance of my time working on an addictive pattern (Prana) from Clara Parkes' new book - The Knitter's Book of Socks.  If you know a sock knitter (or any knitter, for that matter) and are looking for a holiday gift - this is the ticket.  I love this book (and I'm not just saying that because I have a signed copy...)

This evening we enjoyed the remains of Thanksgiving in the form of turkey soup (I think Bob is sighing with relief).  And now begins the journey towards Solstice and the holidays.  I love the Winter Solstice for it's promise of brighter days.  And once I click a couple of buttons to order some special gifts, I can settle into my knitting projects, destined to warm a person or two this Christmas. 

And lastly, I'm thankful for what's been a very mild November, and sights like these that close out the late afternoon.

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