Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Hot

These daisies look vibrant and fresh.  I, however, am wilting in the shade.  To say it's been hot has been a gross understatement.  It was 95 in the shade and my husband decided to check the temperature in the direct sun, on the concrete.  It was 117.9.  Holy smokes! 

So many of my conversations begin with comments about the weather.  In the winter, everyone wants it to be summer and swears that they absolutely will not complain when it gets really hot (they do).  And on these blistering days, thoughts turn to the cool, crisp days of autumn.  It seems that we can never be content with what is. 

I'm trying to look at the positive aspects of this heat and appreciate it while it's here.  The garden has gone wild - so much nicer to have an abundance rather than plants ruined by too much rain.  And, wool dries really fast in this weather - that means I should be taking advantage and conjuring up some new colorways!

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