Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another School Year Completed

First, thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the CNY Fiber Show.  It was great to be able to talk to so many lovely people.  And the pen of Border Collie pups in our tent made the weekend for Alison - it helped take the edge off of losing two pets in the course of a week.  It will take some time before we consider another cat or dog, so I've told her to give her extra love to Pepper (our Jack Russell). 

The last 2 weeks have been packed with end of school activities.  Part of me is delighted to have a break from the continuous stream of sporting events, music events, and everything in between.  The other part is mourning the loss of quiet in the house for a ten week span.  I try to keep in mind that in just a few short years, there will be lots of quiet as they head off to college or other adventures. 

I think the rain has finally taken a break.  Maybe tomorrow I can take the photos of the latest yarns I've been hoping to shoot outdoors.

Hoping your summer is off to a good start!

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