Sunday, May 22, 2011


I recently finished the "Eiki" (strength) shawlette, and really love how it came it.  I knit this up with my own handpainted yarn, a BFL 4 ply, colorway "Paris" and I added a few beads at the edging for some extra zing.  Fittingly, I am feeling better every day, almost back to some sort of normal.  While I don't relish the thought of the follow up surgery, I am going to put it out of my mind until the time comes.  Right now, it's one day at a time.  This piece serves as a reminder to me that people go on every day despite overwhelming loss - my own mishap pales in comparison to those caught up in the natural disasters these last few months.

I'm gearing up for the CNY Fiber show on June 11 and 12 - the dyepots are in action, and there will be lots of new colorways available.  I am looking forward to this very much, and perhaps by then, the sun will decide it's okay to stick around longer than 5 minutes.

I've also been knitting up blocks like this:

which are from the very excellent Kay Gardiner, the pattern is "Mitered Crosses Blanket".  You can purchase a copy of it here.  These are very addicting, so be warned!
I'll post additional information about the fiber show in an upcoming post.  Hope you'll drop by to say hello if you're in the area!

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