Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Move On To Spring

I don't know about you, but I am more than ready to see Spring arrive.  There are glimmers of hope - robins are emerging from the woods, and I've heard  (but not seen) the songs of birds not heard since last September.

In a series of roadbumps last week, we are striving to get back to "normal".  One child sick with the flu for a solid week is now regaining her energy; the second child who could win an Academy Award for dramatic portrayal of the common cold is also making great strides thanks to nighttime cold medicine; my kidney stone is gone and all side effects from the removal thereof are also thankfully gone; the ice that has been damming up on the roof and leaking into my utility room has stopped for the moment (can't tell if all the ice has actually melted, or if it has just frozen up again); and a new gas range will be mine next week after my glass-topped stove shattered the other night (a sturdy lid from a soup pot slipped out of my hand, but I was surprised, nonetheless, that it would result in such damage).  Now that I've documented all of our problems, you're probably thinking your week wasn't nearly as bad as you thought.  You're welcome.

This Saturday, March 5, I'll be at a community event - Duanesburg Day - held at the Duanesburg High School.  I'll be showing off some of my hand-dyed yarns and will probably bring along some spinning to go along with one of the knitting projects I have in process.  The event runs from 10 to 3, there is no admission charge, and it is a great opportunity to see what people in our area have to offer (not to mention a chance to socialize after a long winter!).  If you are in the vicinity, drop in to say hello.

And now I'm off to concoct another spring-colored dye for some Bluefaced Leicester yarns!

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