Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sun at Last

Ah!  The sun is out today - a welcome sight after so many grey days.  The birds have come back to see what's new in the feeders and the Bluejays, as usual, have bullied their way in first.   No matter, there's plenty for everyone and they are all fun to watch from the kitchen window.

The sun has improved my motivation, and as I write this, there are 2 dyepots cooling down on the stovetop.  Some of this motivation may also be the result of the kids being off to school today with no ominous signs on the horizon of cancelled activities after school.  Tomorrow may be another story, but for today, I'll make the most of getting things done.

I've picked up the Echo Flowers Shawl again and actually knit a couple of rows.  I've committed to only knitting on this, however, when no one is around.  I don't concentrate as well as I used to and it only takes the slightest interruption for me to lose track of what I'm doing.  And then it's 10 minutes of counting stitches and checking things over...  Better to just work a little at a time in the quiet.  A slower, more deliberate pace wins the race for me when it comes to lace knitting.

Hoping your skies are sunny today!  

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