Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deep Winter

We have been spared much of the heavy snow here so far.  But it is gray and bitterly cold.  The oil line likes to freeze up in the morning - must be just enough water moisure to form ice crystals.  Fortunately, a teapot of hot water frees it up.  I can't say how thrilled I am to have our woodstove - it keeps almost the entire house warm and for once in 15 years, I don't feel a sense of dread about heating disasters.

The Wayfarer scarf is finished, I've been spinning some great fiber from Persimmon Tree Farm, and have started a pair of opera-length fingerless mitts (making it up as I go along) using String Theory Caper Sock yarn.

I'm looking forward to some sunny days - hoping it will spark my energy.  In the meantime, I will run up my electric bill just a little by turning on some more lights.

Stay warm everyone!

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