Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Joyful Heart

It might sound corny, but autumn really makes my heart swell. The colors are astounding, and I have to watch that I don't veer off the road while marvelling at a really great shade of red on an oak. The evenings are brisk and clear, although I do regret the shortening amount of daylight. And one of my favorite events, the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival is this coming weekend.

We have been going to this event for 20+ years, and even the kids look forward to going (no small feat considering the array of other choices that do not involve the viewing of farm animals). Having grown up in a house filled with wool, spinning wheels and knitting needles, I guess this just seems like a normal extension for them. This year, I'm really excited to say that some of my yarns will be in attendance. They can be found at The Spinning Room's booth, located in Building A, spot 25. I hope you'll drop by to support this great local yarn shop!

Many of the new yarns haven't made it to the website yet - some have been sold out before they got there, and others were delivered to the shop. This is one colorway that was inspired by the fields of goldenrod against a cloudless blue sky:

I hope you are enjoying as much time as you can taking in the colors and the crisp air. Soon we will be firing up the woodstove, but then, each season has its own particular joys.

Peace & Love

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