Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finis (Sort of)

Last day of the Tour de Fleece (and Tour de France as well) - my spinning progress was good, but did not entirely meet my overly ambitious challenge. A week of vacation in Maine, and a week of running kids back and forth to camp cut into my activities a bit (not to mention to regular day to day things that also had to be done). My family indulges my obsession with knitting/spinning/dyeing, but they also think I should cook for them on a regular basis...

I was happy to finish spinning a pound of Bluefaced Leicester/Angora blend. It's got a brown base, with red, yellow and lavender bits of angora slubs which make for a tweedy looking yarn. I spun singles and will probably use this for a shawl of some sort. There are approximately 1200 yards here.

While on vacation, I used my drop spindle to spin some very pretty dyed merino. There is still some left to go, but today's activities mean that I will have to make this my official count for the challenge. There are roughly 100 yards spun here:

Also accomplished in this time period was a version of the "Annis" wrap found in the last issue of Knitty. That still needs to be blocked.

Not too bad. It was nice to have the challenge, which is always good incentive to work on things. And now I'm off to an All-Star Little League game...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour de Fleece

I have 3 bobbins full of this BFL/Angora blend. I've had the roving in my stash for quite some time - had started it, then put it away. The Tour de Fleece gives me the perfect opportunity to finish spinning it. When that's done, I'll move on to some North Ronaldsay that I have, and maybe finally get around to a few ounces of Finn that still needs to be carded...

Having a reason to spin every day puts more urgency on it, rather than spinning when the mood strikes. I'll be switching to my drop spindle when we head to Maine. That will slow things a bit, but I also like the portability of the spindle and maybe I'll take a break from biking to spin.

To wrap things up, here's our cat on a hot tin roof. He was up higher, but got himself down to this shed-roof where I was able to pluck him off. Every day a new adventure.

Peace & Love