Monday, May 17, 2010

May update

May is always crazy - lots of important dates, coupled with the start of Little League season make for a fast-paced month. As each year passes, I find this quickened pace to be more disconcerting. Or perhaps it is not the pace of time that has changed, but my own slowing down that gives me the sense that I am not keeping up. Anyway, here's what's new:

Opening day of Little League season, complete with skydivers. For the first time in a long time, the weather was glorious - tee shirts and shorts (and sunburn). That was Saturday. By Thursday, we were back to parkas (really), and gale force winds.

Moving right along to Mother's Day - this year abdicated in favor of our anniversary. (Last year abdicated in favor of Alex's birthday - the first time since he was born to have the dates fall together again). Actually, we sort of abdicated everything to make it a "get out of the house so we don't have to listen to the godawful wind rattling the house and window screens".

Next day, Alex's birthday, in which he received the much sought-after iPod Touch. A pooling of gift money and the balance being contributed by us. I was leery of the addictive qualities of these devices, but must admit it's pretty cool. And he is doing a pretty good job of putting it down in favor of outside pursuits. It's only been a week, so I can't fault him too much.

In between these activities, and the other stuff I like to refer to as "things that must get done" (or work), I have been dyeing many new colorways:

I'm really happy with the results - watercolor effects on organic merino. Reskeining still underway; superwash merino sock yarn in the pipeline - those colors will be much more saturated.

And the final update - this past weekend's activies in which Alison's birthday gift was secured. She is now the proud owner of 2 gerbils. Regretably, the first pair we brought home had to be returned due to tiny mites that we had not interest in letting into our home. Luckily, we found a locally owned pet shop on Sunday - Benson's Pet Center - that had gerbils. This is a wonderful store and if you are in the Albany area, this is the place to go for your pet needs. Pictures to follow of the latest additions. They are cute...

Peace & Love

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