Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Now that spring is here, I am like a deer in the headlights, not knowing which way to go. Suddenly, the grass is growing, which will mean cutting it before it gets out of control. This can happen overnight - one minute the blades of grass are 3 inches high, the next day, they're 10. There's a garden plot to get ready, the filling in of ruts made by tractor tires, and a grocery list of other chores to get underway. Add in the start of Little League season, and school related activities, and you've got yourself a packed calendar.

I must remember to follow my own advice - prioritize first, act second. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of things to be done. Viewed individually, they aren't so bad. And my attitude has changed a lot on what's really important. Enjoying the company of a friend takes precedence over cleaning the house any day. I could spend half my life picking things up around here, only to have "tidiness" for half an hour before the clutter process begins again.

Here is an example of what I clutter the house with:

This is the Tibetan Clouds Shawl from "The Knitter's Book of Wool". I am making slow progress (because I've picked up two other projects to work on at the same time), and am anxious to see the yarn "bloom". I'm using Harrisville Design's Shetland, kntting off the cone. This yarn is more compact, and when it is soaked, it will plump up a bit and develop a bit of a halo.

The dyepots are also kicking into high gear. I'm dyeing organic merino wool, and the results so far are making me happy. One batch reminds me of the lichen found in the woods - olive green, a hint of blue, a bit of gray/brown... Some seem so easy to name, and others I feel I should just give a random number to, like "X-29" for the batch that has varying shades of orchid and blue.

Onward to outdoor pursuits, and ignoring the dust. (It just aggravates my allergies, so better to leave it undisturbed)

Peace & Love

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