Monday, March 29, 2010


I love how a lace shawl transforms from a crumply batch of stitches into such a graceful looking piece. I'm really happy with the results.

A pair of socks using Cat Bordhi's personal footprint technique made their way to my Mom. It's easy to knit up socks or mittens or a hat for her because if it fits me, it will fit her.

The Tibetan Clouds Shawl, from The Knitters Book of Wool is underway. I'm enjoying "paying attention" to this project as I did the previous shawl. Where I will wear these, I'm not sure. If any glamorous dinners pop up, I'll be ready!

Spring is on the way - this may be the first Easter in a long time that we will actually be able to wear spring clothes. I expect it will snow again shortly thereafter...

Happy Spring to everyone!
Peace & Love

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring officially began this past weekend, and it actually felt like spring in our neck of the woods. In fact, for the last week it has been lovely - sunshine and temperatures above 50. There is still snow in the fields, but with the rain that is expected this week, maybe that will finally disappear.

Finished the Aeolian shawl, although I have not yet blocked it. This shot is the "off the needles" version. After many errors on my part, I finally got into the swing of the pattern and found that I truly enjoyed the symmetry of the design. I have just cast on the Tibetan Clouds Shawl, found in Clara Parkes' "The Knitter's Book of Wool" (which is a really great book!). If you want to knit this, be sure to check the pattern errata - there were a couple of omissions to the chart in the book. Happily, I was only puzzled for about 5 minutes before I decided to check for updates. As the pattern is a mirror image on either side of center, it isn't difficult to catch something that doesn't match up.

We've been basking in the sun - taking advantage of getting outside to do some chores while the getting is good. Our hill, while beautiful, lags behind in temperature and growing season. Plans for a vegetable garden are unfolding, and we'll work on it as conditions allow. It's risky to put things in the ground before Memorial Day - we've had wet snow in mid-May before, killing the tomato plants that I was sure were off to a good start.

Hoping you are enjoying a bit of a lift - I'm happy to bid winter farewell.

Peace & Love

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic-sized storm

Over the last 5 days, we've had unrelenting snow. 3 plus feet fell, and required Herculean efforts by DH to maintain access to the outside world. The photo above shows the birdfeeder that is typically 5 feet off the ground. The crows were seen walking over to it to investigate if any seeds were left. I'll need the snowshoes to get to them with a refill. And Alex was able to walk onto the barn roof...

As for the Aeolian Shawl - my Knitting Olympics project - I have not completed it yet, but I'm midway through the edging. I'm really happy with my efforts, though.

Here's what I think about the challenge -

It was a great motivator to commit more time to finishing up one of the many knitting projects that resides in my home. While other obligations took precedence over knitting, I tried to get in at least 1 row a day. While I didn't win a medal, I enjoyed the process and being part of the "team" of knitters who also embarked on the challenge.

I thought a lot about what this knitting addiction is, and what I came away with was this - it is a sustaining force in my life. It has been with me through thick and thin - happy moments and sad, and everything in-between. Hats, mittens, socks, scarves, sweaters - they are a chronicle of the events of more than half a lifetime. Each piece has its own story, and like photographs, conjure up their own special memories. I hope your projects do the same for you.

Peace & Love