Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics - 5; Knitting - 2

I've watched some part of the Olympics since the opening ceremonies Friday evening. But I have not knit on my project every evening. My excuses include: too late; too dark; too tired. A daytime (Sunday) attempt to work on the Aeolian shawl resulted in discovering another error, then ripping back 6 rows to the lifeline. I have added a ton of stitch markers in an attempt to not lose my place entirely when someone yells "Hey, Ma..."

It is an interesting phenomena that everyone in the house will be engaged in some absorbing activity until I sit down to work on this shawl. It is the same sort of thing as my dog hearing my eyes open in the morning and needing to be let out RIGHT THIS SECOND!

My second day of knitting was confirmation that I seem to (finally) be able to progress through the chart with a minimum of difficulty. Just like those skiers (skaters, snowboarders) picking themselves up after a fall and carrying on.

Knitting awaits (and everyone seems occupied at the moment)!

Peace & Love

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