Sunday, January 10, 2010

These are Alex's socks - completed earlier in the week. He is very happy with them, and I'll be curious to see how they fare...

Working on a brioche stitch scarf - simple and straightforward to work on while "watching" television. Alison is making her own pair of socks (with some help) - she's a natural, just needs some refinement and a longer attention span. I'm glad she thinks knitting is fun (she even wanted to know when we'd be going to the yarn shop again). I predict a lifelong interest, which will insure that I will have someone to drive me to the yarn shops when I am old and in need of sharper eyes.

The weather seems to be the only news event around here for the past 3 weeks. *Cold, wind, snow* repeat again and again and again. The wind has been particularly trying - I have a real phobia of it. Thought for sure we'd wake up in Oz one morning. There's just a light breeze today, bringing the wind chill to about 5. Looking forward to a warm up into the 20's. In the meantime, there is wool!

Peace & Love,

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